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Processing Plant

At AAC, we are equipped with a fully functional processing plant for oil extraction. Our plant consists of a solvent extraction unit, edible oil refinery, expeller and rotary unit.

Rotary Crush Process

We use rotary compressors to separate the oil from the seed. In this process, the oil is extracted by crushing sesame seeds with the help of a rotary mill. The rotary crush process works with the help of molasses. The sesame oil we offer is double-filtered with the help of a filter press.

Edible Oil Refinery:

Once the oil is extracted, the next step is to purify the oil. The refining stage helps in removing any components from the edible oil which may have negative effects on taste, stability, appearance or nutritional value but it does not change the chemical properties of the oil.

Ghee Processing:

Ghee is obtained by clarification of milk fat at a high temperature. The ghee making process can be done in various methods namely indigenous (Desi) method, direct cream method, creamery butter method, pre-stratification method and continuous method. The ghee making plant we possess consists of a scrapped surface and a heat exchanger. The auxiliary equipment includes melting vat and mechanical clarifier. The process we adopt is completely sanitary. The mechanical process yields a uniform product and thus retains 10-15% more vitamin A compared to the conventional process.

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